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Product ID: PCR43305RE
5 channel Receiver Enclosed in an Industrial Grade Case
5 channel Receiver Enclosed in an Industrial Grade Case
This receiver is compatible with “PentaFOB®” and “PentaCODE®” remotes. It has five relay outputs which can be switched "on" and "off " independently. The relays are capable of switching loads of up to 10 Amps at 240Volts AC.

The PentaCODE® dual coding system gives the installer the option to use the classic 12-way dip switch coding or one of over 17 billion encrypted codes.

With the 12-way dip switch, just match the keyring remotes and the receiver's dip switch and it's coded. With the encrypted code you switch all the 12-way dip switches OFF and the remote and receiver automatically goes into the encrypted coding. Please see coding instructions for encrypted coding procedure.

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Price: US $ 187.00
247.29 CAD 187.00 USD

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